Age-Defying Professional Hair Care

As the innovator of numerous anti-aging patents, KERAT-AGE® has set the trend in anti-aging hair care. Today, it’s one of the fastest growing phenomenons worldwide and the beauty buzzword among sophisticated consumers. Like never before, people of all ages are taking preventative measures to maintain hair’s youthful appearance, but can you really keep hair forever young? Yes, you can.

KERAT-AGE® treatments—offered only in the finest salons and spas—bathe hair in natural essential oils, replenishing Dead Sea Minerals and soothing plant extracts, for breathtaking results in an instant. When combined with an at-home regimen, the cumulative effects produce the sexy, lustrous, luminous hair that makes you stop and stare.

KERAT-AGE® Age-Defying Professional Hair Care turns back the strands of time with a potent treatment complex of exceptionally rare and powerful anti-aging ingredients. Years in the making, KERAT-AGE® combines professional expertise with advanced science to create a premier treatment line of products and salon services—infused with patented KERNOX™ technology—that defy the aging process and obliterate the elements that trigger it.